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My Favorite Amp

Here I will talk about what my favorite amp is. I have a variety of them, as I have collected them over years and tested several. I am usually the guy my friends hit up to install new audio hardware because I understand the basics and have mastered installing. I would also like to remind that this is my opinion. Everyone could have their own favorite amp and yours does not have to match up with mine. In fact, I encourage you to look out for different kinds of amps because companies are always issuing out better and better quality ones for cheaper prices. Plus, different amps at different power capacities are going to be different in terms of compatibility with your other parts, so always keep that in mind.

The Pioneer GM-A3702

This Pioneer model is a 2-channel car amplifier that runs at 60 watts RMS x2. It does seem strange to have a car amplifier as my favorite sound amp of all time, but I am driving a lot and that is what I have the most play time on. Besides, for a car amp, it does some serious quality sound production. 

Having an amplifier in your car will greatly improve sound quality and better utilize the bass and speaker sets you already have installed. The Pioneer GM-A3702 is very punchy with its sound carrying. Because it is RMS x2, it will power two speakers running at 60 watts each, perfect for if you have a dual set that goes from the frontal seats to the rear seats. This is a huge power increase from the typical car radio, and your sound will undoubtedly be better.

If you don't have two sets of speakers, however, the the Pioneer can still accomodate you. This is one of my favorite parts about the amp. It has a special "bridged mode" that allows you to power just one speaker at 190 watts, in case you have a very good quality set. It also runs at an impressively stable 4-ohms, enough to power even the top-tier and expensive subwoofers.

The price is reasonable as well. You won't find many amps like this at a retail cost of around $60 (as of this post).  The installation is easy and the box itself is very portable. Overall, I have used this for years and never had a problem. I even installed it on two different cars and got it running optimally within 10 minutes.

It is one my favorite amps because of how versatile it is with the different subs and audio systems I could set it up with. However, if you are looking for a higher-powered amplifier, I'd suggest taking a look at this review site's choice for cheap 1500 watt amp

My Favorite Sub

It is important to talk about subwoofers as well as amplifiers, because one without the other is only half the job. You need to do some mixing and matching, so ideally you pick a set from the same company. I used to do that with the Pioneer GM-A3702 car amp I mentioned above, along with a dual set of 12" speakers and subs. However, since then I have upgraded and done my research to make sure the new subs are compatible. Below is my favorite subwoofers and surprise surprise, it works well with my car amp. 

Belva Dual 10" Subwoofers

I absolutely love dual subwoofers. It is all certainly preference, but for some reason I feel like dual subs offer more thump and overall sound quality than a subwoofer with just one woofer running at the same power. 

As mentioned in the title, this Belva sub consists of two 10" disks, so keep that in mind when you are installing and/or deciding on size. People have different preference and the size, whether that is 10", 12", or 14", of the sub matters a lot.

For power handling, the Belva BBLE210 peaks at 1000 watts total, 500 watts for each woofer. The RMS, however, is more in line with 500 watts total, or 250 watts each. The impedance is at 2 ohm, though you can adjust it to run at 4 ohm, since the system pre-wired it down to 2 for safety concerns. Always look up the power handling and impedance if you want to have an optimal system. Having the impedance of your amp and your subs can cause a serious imbalance that will eventually destroy your hardware. This is very important!

My favorite thing about most Belva audio products is that they are pre-tuned almost the way I like them. Most brands will pre-tune their products so you can simply install and play and have the most optimal sound according to your system. However, some adjustments still need to be made, depending on which sub model you have. With the Belva BBLE210, though, I pretty much never had to reset or adjust anything. I installed it within minutes and it worked perfectly with the car amp.